If you live in the City of Alexandria, Neighborhood Health is just one provider from which to receive prenatal care. Their prenatal services are conveniently located at the Casey Health Center, on the Inova Alexandria Hospital campus. They accept most insurance plans and Medicaid, and also have modest payment plans for pregnant women who are not eligible for insurance. No one is ever turned away for inability to pay. During the pandemic, some prenatal visits are being handled via telehealth, and some in-person. 

Neighborhood Health offers comprehensive medical services both for expecting women and for their babies after birth. If you choose to receive prenatal care at Neighborhood Health, you will be connected to as many additional services as you need, such as the positive parenting program offered by Healthy Families Alexandria and the BabyCare program offered by the Alexandria Health Department. You will also be able to receive items you may need for yourself and your baby, like an infant car seat, a crib, diapers, bras, and menstrual supplies. Neighborhood Health also has behavioral health services so that women experiencing anxiety or depression during or after pregnancy can discuss their concerns with a therapist and acquire the skills they need to handle their new situation. Neighborhood Health also offers access to a psychiatric provider for women whose conditions may improve with targeted medications. Dental care is also offered, which is recommended during pregnancy. Access to free or low-cost medications is also available.   

Neighborhood Health can be reached at 703-535-5568. If you call, tell the representative that you are pregnant so they can connect you with the prenatal team. 

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