Kids’ First Years has launched a FREE text messaging program for families of children birth to three.

The Basics Insights messaging program focuses on the five principles of The Basics™: Maximize Love, Manage StressTalk, Sing, and PointCount, Group, and CompareExplore through Movement and Play; and Read and Discuss Stories. The Basics™ developed as result of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University led by Ron Ferguson are now part of an international network of communities. The work is grounded on the belief that equalizing opportunities for brain development during early childhood is a critically important component of a societal strategy for long-term social, political, and economic vitality.

Basics Insights provides science-based developmentally appropriate guidance for loving and teaching children from birth until they turn three as 80% of brain development occurs during this time. Each week, families will receive two messages. The first is a fact about child development or the adult’s role as a caregiver and the second is a suggested activity connected to the fact. There is no cost to families who participate.  

The messages are designed to increase the impact of Basics-related conversations in healthcare, childcare, and other community settings by providing parents and caregivers with ways to use The Basics™ principles during their everyday routines. In addition, messages address the caregiver’s own wellbeing and social-emotional needs. The program is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. KFY, the local leader of the initiative, is a partnership of people and organizations who work together to make sure Alexandria provides comprehensive support, care, and education for all its young children and supports families as their child’s first teacher. 

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