Shared Successes

In an effort to simplify early childhood enrollment for families and providers, Kids’ First Years convenes the Access Committee to promote community collaboration around enrollment practices. This includes managing and disseminating information, coordinating eligibility criteria, using a common application, and creating a shared waitlist.

Registrars walk parents through the enrollment process and make sure they know what steps come next, including referrals to other programs, if needed. The coordinators maintain a shared online drive to better coordinate materials and meetings. They provide an invaluable “on-the-ground” perspective of what is working for families, what needs to be addressed, and what new trends are emerging.

ALX Preschool

To alleviate some of these challenges for families and providers alike, ALX Preschool was launched in April 2024 to establish a community strategy that can simplify the enrollment processes and benefit families and providers. ALX Preschool is a network of programs that provide early care and education services to 3-and 4-year-old children through a coordinated enrollment system. Families are able to apply online here. An ALX Preschool Registrar will contact the family within 10 business days to continue the application process. 

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