Develop and coordinate professional learning opportunities for all early care and education providers to ensure equitable, high-quality, and culturally responsive learning experiences for young children.

Current Initiatives

In partnership with The Center for Alexandria’s Children (CAC), KFY has focused on enhancing the quality of Family Day Home FDH providers by piloting a curriculum to support the intentional teaching of infants and toddlers. The CAC’s Learn&PlayGroup Curriculum, initially written for use with playgroups, provides twelve units of exploration to use as a tool for lesson planning and engagement. The curriculum also embeds key elements of the Strengthening Families model.

To gain feedback, participants are asked a series of questions regarding the use of the curriculum, ideas for extensions, and activities to be added or removed. A Curriculum Specialist also completes observations of the programs to provide coaching on the implementation of the curriculum and Virginia’s new Unified Early Learning and Development Standards.

We are currently revising the curriculum based on the feedback received and will have it vetted by Virginia’s Department of Education. Once complete, the curriculum will be translated into three additional languages, Spanish, Amharic, and Arabic and shared throughout our community.

Shared Successes

The Quality Collaborative (QC), a collaboration of early education providers, including Kids’ First Years and the City’s publicly-funded early childhood programs, advances exemplary teaching practices in Alexandria classrooms by training and coaching teaching staff and administrators. Now in its 6th year, listed below are a few highlights of the Collaborative:

  • Over 120 teachers have completed the Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI) course. MMCI is a workshop-style course that gives teachers a foundational introduction of the Classroom Assessment Scoring Sytem (CLASS) framework to help them better understand how effective interactions in the classroom increase children’s learning and development.
  • Supported four local leaders to become Train-the-Trainer certified in Creative Curriculum which increased local capacity to provide opportunities for teachers to receive essential training that programs could not otherwise afford on their own.
  • Provided trauma-informed care workshops to approximately 300 early education providers since 2017, including introductory workshops and “deeper dive” trainings in six key areas.

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